Procedure - Investigating a complaintt


  • On receiving your Complaint Form, the H.O.B.I.S. will contact you immediately to acknowledge receipt and may ask you to provide further information.
  • Provided the H.O.B.I.S. is able to deal with your complaint, it will contact the service provider concerned to be informed on its position and initiate the procedure below, within reasonable time and in absolute confidence:

1. The H.O.B.I.S. will propose an amicable settlement of the dispute with a view to reach a settlement between the parties concerned. If the parties accept the proposal, the process is completed.

2. If the complaint is not resolved in this way, the H.O.B.I.S. will then issue a written recommendation to the parties, stating the grounds on which it is based, aiming to resolve the dispute.

3. Each party may accept or reject the recommendation by letter.

4. If the recommendation is not accepted by either one of the parties, you may prefer to take the complaint to court instead.


  • Under no circumstances does the H.O.B.I.S. complaint handling procedure interrupt or suspend any legal time limits with respect to bringing the case to court.
  • The H.O.B.I.S. services are free of charge.