Procedure - Filing a complaint


The first step is to complain to the officer in charge of the banking or investment service provider's service where your complaint-related transaction occurred. Normally, the officer should respond within ten (10) working days.

The second step, in case you are not satisfied with the proposed solution or you do not receive a response within ten (10) working days, is to complain in writing to the service provider's (banks, brokerage firms, mutual fund management companies, portfolio investment companies) Customer Service Department. Normally, the Customer Service Department should respond in writing within ten (10) working days as of the date you filed your complaint.

Third step: In many cases, the service provider will be able to sort out the problem. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the Customer Service Department 's response or if the ten (10) working days have elapsed and you have still not received a response, you may file your complaint with the Hellenic Ombudsman for Banking-Investment Services within one (1) month at the latest as of the Customer Service Department 's response or the expiry of the ten working days deadline without a response.

Complaints should be submitted to the H.O.B.I.S. in writing. Accordingly, you will need to fill in the H.O.B.I.S. COMPLAINT FORM (available via banking /investment service providers and the offices of the H.O.B.I.S.); alternatively, you can print it by clicking here.